North-Delta based flute ensemble Fluterrific was created by Michelle Carlisle in 2005.
Under her direction, the musical repertoire of Fluterrific ranges from Classical and Baroque to folk music such as Celtic, spicy Latin melodies, Jazz, Contemporary and even Broadway show tunes, too.

The sound of flutes together is joyous and sweet, powerful and uplifting. Fluterrific performs at weddings, conventions, private parties, concerts, seniors’ centres – anywhere a string group could play!

We feature piccolos, flutes, alto flutes, bass flutes and other surprises.
Entertaining and fun, Fluterrific is Flute + Terrific!

Are you interested in joining our group? Drop a note to Michelle@MichelleCarlisle.ca to inquire!


Saturday, October 26 – Save the date!
Fluterrific will be holding a concert at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Burnaby, 7 pm. Ticket information to come.

Contact us for more information – Michelle@MichelleCarlisle.ca

Fluterrific, City of Delta Fall Concert Series, November 2023
Fluterrific performing at Victoria Conservatory of Music, June 2024


^ Adagio in Gm (Vivaldi)
^ Air on a G String (Bach)
^ Alley Cat
^ Cantina Band (Star Wars)
^ London Trio
^ Quasi Un’Habanera
^ Tambourin
^ Arioso

Past event photos – Fluterrific through the years