Songwriting, Composing, and Arranging

Michelle has composed a portfolio of songs and instrumental pieces, some of which appear on Blackthorn recordings, some for TV/film production, some written for local artists and groups in Vancouver. 

Michelle has over fifty songs and compositions to her name

As an arranger, Michelle arranges pieces for BlackthornThe Halifax Wharf RatsCaviar & LaceTriskellion, and Fluterrific, as well as for other local performing groups and soloists.  

Michelle is available to compose a piece or design an arrangement for you!  Please contact

Compositions include songs and pieces in styles from contemporary, to Celtic, to pop, even wide-ranging in style as reggae, blues, children’s pieces, avant-garde and latin. Michelle’s diversified performing style and experience in all the different groups and classical training allow her to explore all the musical genres.  Her unique style is a blend of these many influences, coming from her eclectic musical background living with parents who listened to opera one minute and old time country the next.

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Press play below to hear a selection of "Life's Tides", an instrumental piece, composed and performed by Michelle for solo piano.