Michelle SOLO

As well as from being part of several very different musical groups (see “Performance” for each one), Michelle also enjoys performing solo. Usually this is with keyboard/piano and vocals, but also with her flute(s). I am available to perform at any of the below:

WINERIES, ART GALLERIES, IN-PERSON OR ONLINE CONCERTS, with these options to choose from:

  • Music from 1900-2000 (with some from earlier!)
  • Interactive concerts, with singalongs, interesting and educational trivia, and lots of humour!
  • Many genres and styles of music, especially featuring Celtic, Jazz, Broadway, Latin
  • Theme “sets” of music for special events, including seasonal, and specialty
  • Tailored to your own requirements
  • Centre stage or ambient/background, or anything in between

Contact Michelle at Michelle@MichelleCarlisle.ca or 604-317-5123 to find out more!

* Photos and videos at the bottom of this page

SPECIAL THEMES available include:

* Scottish / Robbie Burns Day
* Black History Month (songs written by or made famous by black artists)
* Valentine’s Day / Love
* English / British / High Tea / Royalty
* Irish / St. Patrick’s Day
* Colours
* Italian
* Easter / Spring
* Women’s Day / Girl power
* Summer / Beach / Sunshine / Hawaiian
* Canada Day
* Flowers / Birds
* BC Day
* Grandparents’ Day
* Trains, Boats and Travel
* East Coast / Maritime / Sailors
* Songs of the World / Earth Day
* World Water Day
* Cowboys and cowgirls
* Caribbean / Jamaican
* Moon / Stars / Space
* Autumn / Oktoberfest / Hallowe’en
* Labour Day / Work songs
* Weather – What’s the Forecast?
* Remembrance Day / War time songs
* Christmas / Hanukkah / New Year’s / Winter Solstice
* and sprinkles of many folks songs from other countries including Greece, Portugal, Mexico, France, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Philippines and more
>> New theme ideas? Let me know! I’m happy to include a new theme!

Click on the photo to see a larger version:

Video links

“Smile”, performed live at Porter’s Bistro in Langley, BC and accompanied by the house band
“Swinging Shepherd Blues”, performed live at Porter’s Bistro in Langley, BC accompanied by the house band