Michelle SOLO

As well as from being part of several very different musical groups (see “Performance” for each one), Michelle also enjoys performing solo. Usually this is with keyboard/piano and vocals, but also with her flute(s). I am available to perform at any of the below:

WINERIES, ART GALLERIES, IN-PERSON OR ONLINE CONCERTS, with these options to choose from:

  • Music from 1900-2000 (with some from earlier!)
  • Interactive concerts, with singalongs, interesting and educational trivia, and lots of humour!
  • Many genres and styles of music, especially featuring Celtic, Jazz, Broadway, Latin
  • Theme “sets” of music for special events, including seasonal, and specialty
  • Tailored to your own requirements
  • Centre stage or ambient/background, or anything in between

Contact Michelle at Michelle@MichelleCarlisle.ca or 604-317-5123 to find out more!

SPECIAL THEMES available include:

* Scottish / Robbie Burns Day
* Black History Month (songs written by or made famous by black artists)
* Valentine’s Day / Love
* English / British / High Tea / Royalty
* Irish / St. Patrick’s Day
* Colours
* Italian
* Easter / Spring
* Women’s Day / Girl power
* Summer / Beach / Sunshine / Hawaiian
* Canada Day
* Flowers / Birds
* BC Day
* Grandparents’ Day
* Trains, Boats and Travel
* East Coast / Maritime / Sailors
* Songs of the World / Earth Day
* Cowboys and cowgirls
* Moon / Stars / Space
* Autumn / Oktoberfest / Hallowe’en
* Labour Day / Work songs
* Weather – What’s the Forecast?
* Remembrance Day / War time songs
* Christmas / Hanukkah / New Year’s / Winter Solstice
* and sprinkles of many folks songs from other countries including Greece, Portugal, Mexico, France, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Philippines and more
>> New theme ideas? Let me know! I’m happy to include a new theme!

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