Happy Robbie Burns day!

The most famous poet of Scotland was born this day (Jan 25) in 1759. Today we celebrate Robbie’s 265th birthday. In 2021, I did a full length livestream where I invited several guests to participate with videos, plus of course live music by me. Considering zero live events were able to be planned back then (you remember..), I realized we would all be idle and a bit frustrated not to have somewhere to share our love of celebrating ‘all things Scottish’, so this was the way to reach people who were interested in maybe putting on their kilts or tartan at home and have some fun.

The ‘Address to the Haggis’ is one of my most special portions, because my dear friend James L. McWilliams (whom we lovingly called “Young Jimmy”) is a retired pipe major and performer with Blackthorn, and has done the Address for us at many Burns events. Although he’s no longer with us, we have these great photos and videos – and I do believe he and ‘Robbie’ are toasting with a dram and laughing together. (Visit my YouTube page for more videos with Blackthorn and Jim: www.YouTube.com/MichelleColinda)

Here, below, is the Address to the Haggis video. If you want to see the full length video, featuring whisky tasting, Scottish dancing, and much more, here is that link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqJnYmrIzwY&t=12s

Address to the Haggis: