New original track available to download

This piece I wrote about two years ago is now ready for the world. It came about during the pandemic, and so was a challenge to get the musicians recording their parts and putting it all together without being in the same room as one another. Local violinist Gabriel Dubrueil (a Special Guest on my Livestream at one point!) and cellist Finn Manniche are both on this track which features my African Blackwood D fife, three violin parts and a the cello line. Inspired by my friend’s Dad who was very ill, who sadly has since passed, was a Hungarian. The word ‘szeretet’ means love in Hungarian and is also much like the word quartet. This music came to me in one sitting.

To download your copy, for $1 (or more if you choose to pay more, as a donation or a tip) visit this link on Bandcamp. There you will also find another track I have uploaded (“Life’s Tides”) which is a piano solo. I will be adding more material including vocal music I have written.