Photos of Fluterrific in Victoria

Our recent trip to Victoria (June 8-9) was to participate in a Flute Exchange day with several other flute ensembles from around the lower mainland and the island, and this year we also held a wonderful concert open to the public. Fluterrific performed a set as the “feature” and for the finale, we were joined by all participants there that day and became a massed band of many, many flutes. It was a wonderful experience. Next year, WE are hosting the exchange day here in Delta! 😃 It could be an important year to celebrate Fluterrific.. 2025.. stay tuned!

Full flute ensemble performing at the concert, Alix Goolden Performance Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music

Bass flutes having fun

Some of the piccolo players (usually we keep them in the back 😂)

Flutes galore!